This program was created by "in the trenches" entrepreneurs. Not platform speakers. Not motivational speakers. We are people like you who own businesses.

What sets us apart:

From David Bullock:

  • Focus is on results-only, everything else is just "noise."
  • Employs a defined process for conversion, improving profitability and reducing costs regardless of the industry.
  • Uses uncommon tools to attain exceptional conversion rates.
  • Is a business owner, and therefore works from a very pragmatic point of view.

From Jerry West:

  • Every site he builds avoids the "Seven Sins" of web marketing.
  • Zero-hype and all information backed up with exhausting testing results. This saves time and puts a stop to the endless loop of frustration.
  • Ignores "the noise" in the industry and focus on what works.
  • Fosters and builds relationships which will help grow and improve business.

There are very few situations that are uncommon to us. There are fewer still that cannot be overcome with the proper thinking, strategy and tactics. This is where we can help you.

We are not providing you with information by the pound or by the hour, but with nuggets of actionable information. You will know exactly what to do now, what to use now, and how to increase the revenue of your enterprise now.

We know what it takes to be a Rainmaker and succeed, and we want to share that information with you.

How to Become a Rainmaker

December 4, 2009
at Gaylord PalmsResort,
Orlando, Florida