Rainmakers "make it rain," meaning that Rainmakers bring in revenue. They are the most respected in organizations and the most sought after consultants. Rainmakers don't bluff, they produce results. Real results.

In an exclusive one-day event hosted by Jerry West, David Bullock and Paul Lemberg you will learn how to become a Rainmaker... regardless of your industry. Get your website or marketing materials the attention they need and attend an event unlike any other hosted by two of the best online marketers.

Here is a small sampling of what will be covered at the SEO Rainmaker Conference:

Your Business
  • Why customers should do business with you.
  • How to use "Points of Difference" to dominate your competition.
  • How to "dollarize" your products or services so that prospective customers fully understand the benefits.
  • How to properly decipher customer needs.
You (Your Greatest Asset—and often the most neglected)
  • How to be more productive and decrease your frustration.
  • Must-have habits of the Rainmaker.
  • How to always deliver on your promises.

We will be doing a good amount of work before you come to the two-day intensive workshop. We will be going over your site or marketing materials and preparing a detailed plan of action specifically designed for your business. Our goal is not to awe you with our knowledge, but to have you walk away from the workshop knowing success is finally within your grasp.

Sign up now for just $497 (regularly $3,5000.00) as Jerry West celebrates his tenth year in business.