Jerry West

Jerry West is President of Web Marketing Now, a search engine research company and author of the SEO Revolution. As a software tester for WordPerfect and Novell from 1989-1996, Jerry acquired skills that enabled him to start breaking down search engine algorithms and began his career as an SEO.

In 1996 he started in search and design and formed his first company, West Web Design. He formed Web Marketing Now in 1999 while he worked as Director of Marketing for a now defunct company, Netgateway. He helped take the company public and on the NASDAQ in November 1999, but had a reality check in June 2000 when he was laid off after the "dot bomb crash."

Over the years he's consulted for AT&T, Sun Systems,, Tupperware, General Electric, Psion Techlogix, and dozens of other companies in the Fortune 1,000. He was a speaker at the Ultra Advanced Symposium Series in Las Vegas, Orlando, Vancouver and Toronto from 2004-2006 and was on the Organic SEO panel at Search Engine Strategies San Jose in 2008 with engineers from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Jerry currently works in the affiliate space, is the author of the SEO Revolution, a paid membership for webmasters and SEOs to get tested online methodologies for their businesses and a faculty member of StomperNet.

He has taken the approach of providing methodologies based on testing results instead of guess-work, theory or forum chatter. Without hype or B.S. his techniques have become very popular among business owners and SEOs.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Jerry currently resides in western North Carolina with his wife and children.

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