David Bullock

David Bullock is President and Owner of White Bullock Group, a business development firm.

David has a degree in mechanical engineering and started his career with engineering positions at Mobil Oil and The DuPont Company, as well as Fanuc Robotics North America. These positions provided him with an understanding of processes and how to tweak and improve upon them. He learned about statistical process control, and began to figure out how to put processes in place that work all the time, every time.

David then made the switch to sales and took the position of International Account Manager for FANUC Robotics. He sold $300,000 in products in his first year and went on to sell over $100 million worth of goods and services in a seven-year period. He was the only North American recognized by the Japan-based FANUC for sales achievements.

His creative approach to driving sales in his tight territory led to the development of systems to maximize sales within a defined market. The systems engineering, process design and sales experience all came together when David began to work with Dr. James Kowalick. David went on to be certified by Dr. Kowalick as a TRIZ/Taguchi Ad Optimization Specialist, the only individual in the world to hold this certification.

David has applied his engineering discipline to the sales cycle, with interesting results. He looks to reduce costs while increasing results, creating effective combinations of processes that lead to an increase in sales and market response of up to 300%.

Since early 2005, David has been a business owner and public speaker. His unique approach and proven success have made him a forerunner and authority among today’s internet marketing and business development experts. He is a frequent seminar speaker, and also provides coaching and consultation services. In 2006, David published the first of his books and DVDs teaching his innovative marketing method.

David teamed with Brent Leary to create a field model for how Barak Obama used social media to gain the presidency. Their data is available a book entitled, "Barak Obama's Social Media Lessons for Business."

David resides in central Tennessee and is a devoted husband and father of two daughters.

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